MediCardia Health is building the healthcare platform of tomorrow, to drive digital transformation in Cardiology today.
Visual Cardiology Workspace
Dedicated EHR interface and virtual care connector platform.
Implanted devices and wearables in context with EHR data
Population health at the point of care
Connected, integrated virtual care-ready
Designed For High-Performance Cardiology
MediCardia HeartChart is a Cardiology-focused virtual care platform that serves as a unified and common interface for EHRs and remote technologies including wearables, consumer home medical devices, and implanted cardiac rhythm devices. With embedded video and smart design, HeartChart Visual Cardiology Workspace takes you virtual, seamlessly.
MediCardia MediCardia
Process automation
API-driven interoperability
Edge-technology and intelligent design integrated to effortlessly deliver cardiac care with fluid simplicity.​
Embedded Video In
Multiple Formats
EHR - Epic
Medicardia Stand Alone RPM features
  • RPM Patient Registration and Enrollment
  • Wearable Device Enrollment for specific
    chronic conditions
  • RPM – Monitoring and Billing using CPT codes
  • Dedicated Billing Export feature
Medicardia with Epic App Orchard Integration
  • Epic Initiated SSO for Medicardia
  • Patient Search feature for Enrollment
  • Patient Chart Synchronization through FHIR
    • Demographics (LOINC code based)
    • Vitals (LOINC code based)
    • Medical History (LOINC code based)
    • Prescription History (LOINC code based)
    • Surgical History (LOINC code based)
    • Echo\Cath\ECG Reports (LOINC and HL7 based)
Fully HIPAA and Cybersecurity Compliant
  • Compliant with AWS Guidelines
  • BAA with Customer
  • Full Cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance audit
    completed with a 3rd party provider.
    Details can be provided
FHIR Compliant with Clinician and Backend Integration

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MediCardia MediCardia
Functionality That Drives Productivity At Scale
MediCardia leverages existing EHR investments to surface relevant information and insights clinicians and staff need, with the process automation they want, to simplify care delivery, improve care and outcomes, and contain costs.
Auto Chart Prep
Auto Charge Capture
Assisted Clinical Notes
Wearables, Home Devices
Data Visualization
Implanted Device Data
Risk Projection
Virtual Care
Clinical Intelligence
Cloud-base architecture is infinitely scalable across practices, hospitals, and networks, simplifying sharing of records and data sets, and is extensible across disparate systems during practice consolidations without need to install a new EHR.
Achieve The Quadruple Aim of Medicine
MediCardia MediCardia
About us
MediCardia Health’s mission is to establish itself as a foundational pillar in the global digitalization of healthcare and the adoption of virtual care as a paradigm shift on the road to 'Value'.
Creating The Health Platform Of The Future
HeartChart: the technology convergence platform driving digital transformation for a global cardiology population

MediCardia Health (MediCardia) is building the health platform of the future to drive digital transformation in Cardiology.

At MediCardia we aim to learn from and partner with practices, organizations, and networks dedicated to embracing the global digitalization of healthcare and leverage one of it’s greatest benefits – the adoption of virtual care – as a paradigm shift on the journey to value-based care.

Built with modern functionality and edge-technologies, MediCardia HeartChart presents the right data in an actionable manner and uses automation to improve clinician efficacy, while achieving improved care experience and lowering operational costs.

HeartChart embedded video and remote monitoring seamlessly incorporates virtual care to allow practices and organizations to meet patients where they are, while preserving availability of the entirety of the dataset displayed in our unique, ergonomic dashboard – making the delivery of virtual care a fluid and elegant process.

Most important, quality improves and is sustainable as volume actually scales up with increased clinical capacity created by efficiencies of our design and technology. We call this high-performance cardiology .

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